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  • On 26/05/2016

    In the first case, the minors were discharged from the apartments to the orphanage with a view to its privatization and sale that's illegal, since children at discharge, retain the right to housing, and privatization without them cannot be made. How to buy a house we'll talk another time, but today I'd like to elaborate on the topic of how to sell the apartment and how to sell the apartment without Agency assistance.

  • On 16/04/2016

    Another option is to buy on credit, which for many can be a better solution, but it is important to consider the interest rate. The condition of housing.

To Be Determined

My friends bought an apartment in a modern area, on the Mediterranean coast and invited me to visit. And the third is the purchase of apartments for permanent residence. There are several important points that you need to look for when choosing an apartment, so you do not experience a bitter disappointment.

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